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Innovative 3D technology

Offer more than just flat 360° panoramic images: Use 3D scans to create three-dimensional and interactive virtual tours that let you navigate through entire buildings.  Use Matterport’s superior camera technology to create extraordinary 3D experiences. Perfectly lit and in superior image quality, without post-processing with Photoshop. 

Simple Application
Speed & Precision
Minimum Effort
Automatic 3D Data Registration
No Postprocessing
High Resolution & Recording Quality

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3D photography is more in demand than ever before, because it makes it possible to explore premises interactively from home. Facilities and companies from all sectors use virtual tours to present themselves online and generate interest in their offerings.

Museums & Exhibitions
Public Institutions, Schools & Authorities
Hotels & Gastronomy
Retail, Business & Shops
Leisure & Culture
Architecture, Broker & Construction Documentation


German Optical Museum
Museums & Exhibitions
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Goethe Gallery Jena
Retail & Shops
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Villa Baltic Sea Göhren
Tourism & Hotels
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Planung und Erstellung der Scanpunkte
Step 1:

Planning and creation of the scan points.

First, so-called scan points are created on site in the object to be scanned, which have a distance of about 1.5 to 3m from each other. For a small bar with 70m² area, for example, already 5 scan points are sufficient for a good 3D result. A medical practice with 300m² can be mapped well with 40 scan points.
Step 2:

Creation of the 360° images.

The 3D camera creates high-resolution 360° images of its surroundings within a few seconds and sends the data to your iPad or iPhone via WLAN. All you have to do is set up the camera and press the scan button. This way, all scan points are processed one after the other.
Erstellung der 360° Aufnahmen
Generierung des 3D Rundgangs
Step 3:

Generation of the 3D model.

The powerful Matterport software then merges the captured images into a three-dimensional model based on the scan points. Floor plans as well as a 3D measurement are automatically generated in the process. This is done with minimal effort – you do not have to enter any data yourself.
Step 4:

Add optional additional content.

Afterwards, the 3D tour can be enriched with additional content and interactions. For example, fade in virtual info panels, links to online stores, videos and audio content.
Optionaqle Zusatzinhalt hinzufügen
Step 5:


The finished tour can be reached via link and shared via mail, social media, etc.. On websites, the 360 ° tours can be easily embedded like a YouTube video. A publication on Google Streetview is also possible. You can also create high-resolution photos in 4K print quality from the 360° recordings, e.g. for real estate exposés.

Frequently asked questions

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Payment is also possible without a PayPal account.

If you order one of our 3D cameras, there are no delivery charges for deliveries within Germany.

In order to fully use the camera and software, you will also need to subscribe to Matterport, which hosts your virtual tours: Prices from Matterport.

A typical 1-bedroom apartment takes about 20 to 30 minutes to scan, while a 3- to 4-room apartment takes about 60 to 90 minutes to scan.

The 3D camera is extremely easy to use and requires no expertise. Training is therefore not necessary.

However, it can be helpful to scan your workplace beforehand, for example, to familiarize yourself with the process before you perform a commercial scan. You can also check out Matterport’s tutorials.

Videos & Tutorials from Matterport.

As the official distributor for Matterport in Germany, we always have an available stock to ensure the fast delivery of new cameras and the exchange of cameras in need of repair. In addition, we are available as a direct local contact for all our customers.

As a rooom360 Certified Partner, you receive the Matterport Pro2 camera incl. tripod and iPad with Matterport software for free use. Prerequisite: You perform at least 5 commercial 3D scans per month.

More information and terms of partnership at:

Erstellung von 3D Aufnahmen

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